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The world’s annual consumption of plastic materials is increasing at a very high rate day by day. Packaging constitutes the largest single sector of plastics use in the world. There are about 50 different groups of plastics, with hundreds of different varieties.

Plastic production involves the use of harmful chemicals. Many of these have significant impact on human health. In addition, plastic manufacturing requires other resources such as land, energy and water etc. which produces waste and harmful emissions.

Plastics are generally non-degradable; they take a long time to break down, possibly up to hundreds of years. Waste management methods such as landfill disposal, incineration and improper recycling do not contribute to proper disposal of plastic waste.

“Rajratan Group” provides an integrated plastic waste processing system which offers not only an alternative to landfill disposal & incineration, but also manufactures very economical, viable & eco friendly products from the waste by manufacturing products from the wastes:
* We reduce energy consumption to the extent of two thirds.
* We reduce water usage up to 90%.
* We reduce generation of green house gases responsible for climate change

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